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The Polish Community in Wellington, New Zealand, is a vibrant, social and culturally active community, that aims to share its rich Polish culture with the wider community and to pass on our culture to future generations. Our website provides you with an opportunuity to learn something about our community as well as being a gateway to becoming involved in the Polish Community, either through The Polish Association in New Zealand, and/or other groups in the community.  

We welcome everyone who is Polish or is a descendent of Polish parents or grandparents or who has an interest in Polish culture. 






Help Polish School

'W imieniu Polskiej Szkoły w Wellington chciałabym prosić wszystkich o wspieranie naszej Szkoły w ramach  ‘Support Your School Programme’. Jest to bardzo proste - za każdym razem jak robicie zakupy w Warehouse Stationery, nominujcie przy kasie naszą Szkołę (i.e. I would like to nominate Polish School). Szkoła w ten sposób będzie zbierać punkty, za które to potem może nabyć artykuły papiernicze nam potrzebne. '  - Agnieszka Kowalik-Tait Polish School COmmitteee, Fundraising. Komitet Rodzicielski Polskiej Szkoły, Wellington, New Zealand.

Next time you shop at the Warehouse Stationery, please ask for Polish School school to receive 'Support your School points'. It's an easy way for Polish School to earn credit and buy school supplies with it. Thank you in advance.




    The March 2015  newsletter from the Polish Heritage Museum can be downloaded from the Polish Links page. Click here.
    The April and May 2015  'Pod Wiatr' magazine for young Poles can be downloaded from the Polish Links page. Click here.


Polish Children's 70th Reunion

The Polish Children's 70th Reunion was celebrated on the 1st and 2nd November 2014.  


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